Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wells Fargo turned over the only evidence in existence that they committed fraud and covered it up for four years

After years of lying to me, and repeatedly providing false information to both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Wells Fargo finally agreed to turn over copies of all the documentation they had on file for both accounts, on the condition that I go into my local Wells Fargo branch office with my drivers license in hand, to verify that I was the same person whose name appeared on the accounts, after which, Jennifer, in Wells Fargo's Executive Office, would fax those documents to me at the branch.

Video above: Jennifer in Wells Fargo's Executive Office, agrees to send me copies of
all the documents Wells Fargo had on file for the accounts

At the bank, I advised the branch manager of the arrangement that Jennifer in Wells Fargo's Executive Office had made with me and then gave him my driver's license to validate my identity against the information that was listed on the account documents. 

The branch manager verbally confirmed my identity with Jennifer over the phone and as promised, she faxed over all of the documentation that Wells Fargo had on file for both accounts.

Not surprisingly, none of the documents had my signature on them. In fact, the documents that Wells Fargo had repeatedly insisted my signature was on, were nothing more than photocopies of the Account Application and Account Authorization that the management company had given me in their offices, which I never signed and still had in my possession

The only signatures that appeared anywhere on the documents, were the signatures of the three officers at the management company, who opened the accounts and listed themselves as authorized signers.

But how would the bank get photocopies of documents if I still had the originals? 

After signing the Account Application and Authorization themselves, the management company made photocopies of those documents, before giving them to me, which clearly shows their intent was to open accounts with or without my permission. When I left their offices with those documents in hand, the management company simply used the photocopies they had made to open the accounts, with the help of their contact at Wells Fargo Bank, who criminally overlooked the fact that the documents were not signed by the person whose name they were opening the account in, and that none of the Federally required supporting documentation was provided with the application documents. 

 Left - Original document signed by the management company but not by me
Right - Document that Wells Fargo had on file for the accounts... a photocopy

But why would they do that? 

The subsidy checks from HUD were sent to the management company, but were made payable to me. In order for the management company to have access to that money, they needed to deposit the checks into an account that was in my name, and listed the officers of the management company as authorized signers. 

Upon closer examination of the account documents, the management company's address was listed as my home and mailing address. They also listed their office telephone number as my home phone number, which effectively ensured that I would not have any contact from the bank regarding the accounts, or receive any account statements.  

The most telling evidence of fraud appears on the Account Application, in the primary account holder's identity section, where the drivers license number listed, is not even close to my license number (below)Remember the branch manager who validated my identity with Jennifer over the phone, by comparing the information on my driver's license, with the information on the account documents? Was he blind?

Why would the bank and/or the management company use a phony drivers license number for me? Because it's required information on the account application documents and neither the bank, nor the management company, had my actual driver's license number, so they just made one up. 


Wells Fargo accepted photocopies of Account Authorization and Account Application forms that were not signed by me and had no original signatures on them, to open accounts in my name, in my absence, for a third party, without obtaining any of the supporting documentation that is routinely required from anyone that is opening business bank accounts.

Wells Fargo opened accounts in my name for somebody else, over a month after I had left the state, and never even bothered to verify my identity, or validate any of the identifying information that was provided to them on the Account Application and Authorization forms.

The banker would have to be drunk and using a typewriter 
from another planet to get my license number this wrong

Wells Fargo also opened the accounts, without obtaining the required proof of a DBA or Business Registration filing with the state.  Below: Email from the Mgmt. Co. telling me that they did not file a DBA before opening the accounts. 

After demanding that the management company turn over all banking materials to me, including the DBA documents, their Company Controller and Chief Financial Officer claimed that everything had been shredded. I discovered that he was lying, when one of his lesser informed co-workers, turned those banking materials over to me, un-shredded. 

In this email to me, the management company claims that they shredded the deposit slip books.
Fortunately, another employee with more ethics turned them over to me, un-shredded

Wells Fargo refused to open the same type of accounts for me, until I provided them with proof of a DBA filing, but they had no problem doing it for the management company, who admittedly did not file one.